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Il turco in Italia Tickets

Fri, 22 October 2021, 20:00
La Scala Opera House, Milan , Italy

Price / Ticket
Box – The second row in the box
Box – The first row in the box
Stalls – Premium seats in stalls


La Scala Opera House (full name: Teatro alla Scala) is a splendid and renowned leader in the realm of the world of opera and ballet arts. It is the main cultural brand of Italy. Being built on a small della Scala Square in 1778 by Giuseppe Piermarini, a neoclassic architect, the opera house of Milan turned into a center of the spectacular and extensive so called ‘opera epoch’ in XVIII-XIX centuries hosting the best singers and conductors of the world. Back then it was hardly possible to buy tickets for La Scala so easily. Only the richest, most well-known and the crowned could get tickets, which were sent them under numbers. It was specifically La Scala that became the triumphant place for such famous Italians as Bellini, Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Donizetti and Beethoven, a German genius.

Stendhal, being on a vacation in 1811 in Italy, described the phenomenon of La Scala in detail. “This is the best opera house ever due to the feeling of bliss it gives”, he said. A 30-meter-ceiling hall of the auditorium and unique acoustics of the building complies an important ingredient of the world fame recipe for La Scala, leaving all its competitors behind. All the greatones were making art there. The names passed, the trends changed, but the tickets for ballet in Milan has remained the heart’s desire for millions of admirers of music mastery of ‘the purest tint’ as it was two hundred years before. So when you get the smallest chance to obtain a ticket for La Scala, it is a must-have obligation for you to get an opportunity of walking along its foyer, corridors and stairs to reach your seat in the auditorium and wait till the dark red parts of the curtain slowly move to at last open up. La Scala is the place for you to fall in love with forever!


If you are about to pay a visit to the city of Milan, consider buying a ticket for La Scala. This is the only place where you can watch the performance and listen to the music you may never find in the whole world. The earlier you do this before the day of the event, the better choice of seats in the auditorium you’ll have. If you try to obtain a ticket at the central ticket booth in Milan you will get the gallery at best. Laying empty hopes of getting a ticket for La Scala secondhand is of no use. You will pay the official cost tenfold or buy tickets for a not so popular performance andthat's only if you're lucky.